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  • Hakan Manav - Intermediate Kicking Combinations

    With the techniques that have been covered so far, Hakan shares 15 intermediate kicking combinations. A broad range of combination that can be utilized in many different forms of training and performances.

  • Hakan Manav - Intro to Kicks

    Hakan shows you the importance of warm ups and stretching and gives you instruction on kicks and stances that will become the foundation to your performances. Certain techniques that are thoroughly explained are the front kick, side kick, back kick, hook kick, reverse turning kick and jumping spl...

  • Hakan Manav - Footwork and Speed Drills

    This video is full of footwork drills to help you with balance and speed. You will learn footwork exercises such as double action, 360 rotation spin, fake spins into basic kicks and much more. These footwork drills will also be put into combinations.

  • Hakan Manav - Extreme Kicks, Twists, and Combinations

    Much of what has made Hakan a worldwide talent is taught in this video. Hakan shows you several extreme kicks, twists and combos to take you to superstar heights.

  • Daniel Sterling - Extreme Kicks and Spins - Volume 3

    The Butterfly twist, Butterfly twist round kick, Butterfly twist kick, Illusion twist, Hyper twist, Corkscrew and Corkscrew with a round kick.

  • Danny Etkin - Jumping Drill

    There are two primary jumping techniques used in martial arts tricking. Use this drill to help your students master these jumps and become better trickers.
    Sport Karate | Tricking | Jumping | Plyometrics

  • Antony Graf - Kip Up Progression

    The kip up is an excellent exercise to develop hip strength. It is also an effective tricking technique used in a Sport Karate format.
    Fitness | Plyometrics | Conditioning | Tricking

  • Tyler Weaver - Cheat Gainer

    This technique is a great move for any student's first inversion. Take a step-by-step approach to maximize safety.
    Tricking | Intermediate | Advanced | Flip | Extreme | Extreme Forms | Sport Karate

  • Tyler Weaver - Wushu Butterfly

    This trick is great for beginners. Take inspiration from the Chinese arts to learn a staple tricking technique.
    Tricking | Beginner | Basic | Footwork | Wushu | Kung Fu | Sport Karate | Extreme | Extreme Forms

  • Ernie Reyes Jr. - Spinning Hook Kick Progressions

    Using small hops to keep balance while performing a low hook kick, your students can begin their progression to the spinning hook kick.
    Kicking | Balance | Intermediate | Advanced

  • Danny Etkin - Cheat 720

    The cheat 720 is a staple technique in extreme forms and weapons competition. Start with a tornado kick base and add a few modifications to create the hook-kicking cheat 720.
    Kicking | Tricking | Extreme

  • Danny Etkin - Pop 360 Technique

    Great for forms, tricking combos, or demonstrations, the pop 360 gives your performance a nice touch of flare.
    Tricking | Kicking | Creative | Extreme | Sport Karate | Forms

  • Daniel Sterling - Inverted Techniques

    The Raiz, Side swipe, Webster, Axe Aerial, Axe Webster (with and without stall grab), Loser (gainer Webster), Loser to knee, Level 1 Crowd Awakener.

  • Daniel Sterling - Extreme Kicks and Spins - Volume 1

    Spinning hook kick, jump spinning hook kick, spinning round house kick, tornado kick, spinning hook kick gyro (extra spin), jump spinning hook kick gyro, butterfly kick, spinning hook kick into butterfly kick, karate aerial.

  • Mackensi Emory - Aerial Tips

    These tips are great for footwork, orientation, and posture to pull of your next invert move, the aerial. The aerial is a staple move in today's competitive scene.
    Tricking | Forms | Extreme

  • Hakan Manav - Basic Combinations and Advanced Kicks

    After learning basic kicks and footwork, this video will show you several of Hakan's combinations with basic kicks. Furthermore, advanced kicks will also be explained including techniques like the tornado kick, 540 degree kick, autobahn, 720 degree kick and many more.

  • Daniel Sterling - Extreme Kicks and Spins - Volume 2

    The 540, 540 to the knee, 540 hook kick, pump 720, pump 720 triple and much more.

  • Mark Herman - 540 Roundhouse Kick

    This demonstration technique is an upgraded variation of the tornado kick or 360 round kick. It is most commonly used in forms or creative breaking performances.
    Olympic TKD | Tae Kwon Do | Technique | Fundamentals | Advanced | Tricking | Kicking

  • Tyler Weaver - 540 Kick

    The 540 is a great upgrade to the tornado kick. This technique is commonly used in competition and great for demonstration as well.
    Kicking | Intermediate | Tricking | Extreme | Extreme Forms | Sport Karate

  • Mackensi Emory - 540 Drills

    One of the most difficult transition tricks between a tornado kick and other intermediate kicks for competition, the 540 must end on the kicking leg. The 540 can be used in competition by itself or as part of a longer combination.
    Kicking | Tricking | Extreme | Forms