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Wrestling Into MMA

Wrestling Into MMA

5 Episodes

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Wrestling Into MMA
  • Marc Flore - 50/50 Over Under

    Episode 1

    Marc starts off with the basics of 50/50, slide by, duck under and more

  • Marc Flore - Head rip

    Episode 2

    In this DVD, Marc will show you various ways to execute the head rip. You will elarn basic head rip, head rip to knees, and head rip with wrist control

  • Marc Flore - Double Underhooks

    Episode 3

    Marc will describe the position for the double underhook and how to move into a throw by, throw by to break down, throw by to Hi_C, double underhooks to a front head, spiral trip and more.

  • Marc Flore - Body Lock

    Episode 4

    In this DVD you will learn the principles of the body lock, body lock whip, baseball slide sag, step to throw, high inside trip, low inside trip, arm spin and more.

  • Marc Flore - Take Downs Off the Cage

    Episode 5

    Marc will show you how to use the cage to your advantage by demonstrating various take downs off the cage, including scoop double leg, underhook drill, high single, and double leg.