Wing Chun for MMA

Wing Chun for MMA

5 Episodes

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Wing Chun for MMA
  • Dave Durch - Kicking Basics

    Episode 1

    Learn to use effective Wing Chun kicks in MMA! In this volume, Durch teaches the leg hook kick, groin hook kick, scoop kick, oblige kick, and a hook kick to the face. You will also learn three count training drills for each kick and focus pad training for combination kicks to increase accuracy an...

  • Dave Durch - Punches and Approaches

    Episode 2

    Continue learning Wing Chun techniques in MMA with punches and approaches. Durch covers the four corners of Wing Chun punching, boxing punches vs. Wing Chun punches, and the straight blast. He will teach you to train with pads as well as with a partner.

  • Dave Durch - Trapping

    Episode 3

    In this title, Durch details close quarter hand movement, Wing Chun's center line fighting, chi sao, fok sal, tong sal, lop sal, and pak sal. He also shows trapping drills with MMA punching and teaches you how to use all of these techniques in MMA.

  • Dave Durch - Grappling Takedowns

    Episode 4

    Use Wing Chun grappling and trapping effectively in MMA! Learn lop sal, pal sal and bong sal. Durch also teaches fok sal from mount and fok sal from ground.

  • Dave Durch - Sparring

    Episode 5

    Advance in MMA using Wing Chun! In this title, you will quickly learn to use combination kicking, kicking defense, and the straight blast in MMA. Durch will cover trapping, take downs, and elaborate on using Wing Chun in MMA through sparring.