Weapons Warrior

Weapons Warrior

Any weapons specialist would love this playlist. Learn from some of the best weapons practitioners in the world as you improve your escrima, bo, kamas, and nunchaku skills!

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Weapons Warrior
  • Harinder Singh - Double Stick

    Practice a variety of basic escrima combos while your students develop coordination by making contact with a partner.
    Jeet Kune Do | Escrima | Weapons | Coordination | Partner Drill

  • Apolo Ladra - Entry 4 With A Tap And Twirl

    The tap is used to mess with your opponent's rhythm. The subsequent twirl is used with the tap to fake a strike.
    Kali | Escrima | Weapons | Partner Drill | Timing

  • Jackson Rudolph - Striking Power Drill

    Wether you are performing creative or traditional bo staff, striking is very important. This video teaches how to generate more power when striking.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Extreme | Sport Karate | Sport Martial Arts | Striking | Basic | Beginner | Power | Strike

  • Jackson Rudolph - Butterfly Spin Behind Back Drill

    Learn the butterfly spin bo staff trick. Once you have the technique down, the butterfly spin can be used as a drill to build speed and forearm strength.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Spin | Tricks | Speed

  • Mackensi Emory - Kama 7 Cuts

    The foundational strikes for kamas are the 7 cuts. Master these cuts and chops before you move on to more complex techniques.
    Kamas | Weapons | Striking | Basics | Combo | Creative | Extreme

  • Tyler Weaver - Kama Thumb Spin

    This manipulation is great for demonstration and competition. Learn to spin the kama on your thumb with horizontal rotation.
    Weapons | Tricking | Kama | Extreme | Trick | Spin

  • Danny Etkin - 4 Basic Nunchaku Strikes

    These four nunchaku strikes will set your students up to master creative weapons skills. These techniques are rooted in traditional martial arts but are extremely common in competition as well.
    Nunchakus | Chux | Weapons | Extreme | Creative | Striking

  • Danny Etkin - Nunchaku Basic Toss

    This basic toss is the first step in adding exciting releases to your students' performances. These tips will help you land it every time.
    Nunchakus | Chux | Release | Tricks | Extreme | Creative | Weapons