Upper Body

Upper Body

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Upper Body
  • Jens Pulver - Plyometrics Upper Body

    An upper body medicine ball workout.

  • Antony Graf - Kip Up Progression

    The kip up is an excellent exercise to develop hip strength. It is also an effective tricking technique used in a Sport Karate format.
    Fitness | Plyometrics | Conditioning | Tricking

  • Michael Kramp - Dueling Sit Ups

    The students should lock their feet together and perform sit ups. Every time they reach the top, they will strike each other's noodle twice or try to strike more quickly than the partner.
    Sit Up | Conditioning | Warm Up | Kids | Teens | Adults | Partner Drill

  • Michael Kramp - Wheelbarrow Races

    This classic drill is a ton of fun and develops upper body strength and teamwork.
    Conditioning | Team Work | Push Up

  • Michael Kramp - High Five Push Ups

    This classic drill is a great warm up to increase the energy in the room and get everyone's blood flowing.
    Kids | Team Work | Conditioning | Strength | Exercise | Warm Up

  • Chris Casamassa - Push Up Challenge

    Students will execute push ups facing each other, then adding high fives in between the push ups. You can also incorporate clapping push ups.
    Conditioning | Fitness | Push Ups | Teamwork

  • Chris Casamassa - Sit Up Crunch Challenge

    Students will cross their feet together and execute sit ups as a team. You can also add punches or high fives to the sit ups.
    Conditioning | Fitness | Sit Up | Teamwork

  • Giulliano Gallupi - Ab Clap Exercise

    A great exercise to target the core abdominal muscles, the ab clap can be used with or without weights in hand to add levels of difficulty.
    Conditioning | Fitness | Abs | Dumbbells

  • Giulliano Gallupi - Battle Rope Superman Push Up

    This advanced fitness move incorporates the push up movement with the battle rope to give you and your students a full body workout.
    Conditioning | Fitness | Push Up | Battle Rope | Advanced