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  • Michael Kramp - Sleigh Races

    This game is great for the holidays and is a ton of fun for younger students that are learning better body control.
    Team Work | Control | Kids | Games

  • Michael Kramp - The Centipede

    All you need is a beach ball. Have the students work together by passing the beach ball all the way to the end of the line using only their feet.
    Kids | Games | Team Work | Coordination

  • Michael Kramp - Hippy Race

    This warm up drill is very simple and is a super fun way to kickstart class. The students will develop teamwork too.
    Warm up | Games | Kids | Team Work

  • Michael Kramp - Save the Civilian Relay Drill

    This drill is great for building teamwork skills in your children's classes and will make your class fun.
    Kids | Games | Kicking | Balance | Coordination | Team Work

  • Melody Johnson - Crab Crawl Relay with Partners

    This variation of the Crab Crawl Relay employs teamwork to make the drill a bit more challenging. This drill develops abdominal strength in young students.
    Partner Drill | Kids | Team Work | Strength | Fitness

  • Melody Shuman - Pad Roll Relay

    This teamwork drill is very simple, but also very effective for younger students that are trying to learn how to work with their classmates.
    Teamwork | Kids