Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

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Teaching Tips
  • Ernie Reyes - Executive Team

    Create dynamic demonstration teams for adults of all belt ranks. These basic principles can be applied to all levels of demonstration teams.

  • Ernie Reyes - Kids Demo Team

    Master Reyes shares basic steps that are key to developing a dynamic demo team for all color belt students in a school.

  • Ernie Reyes - World Class Level

    A must see for all demo team members, school owners and instructors to learn the key principles of success.

  • Jackson Rudolph - Teaching Strategies

    A combination of show and tell, relative, and analogous teaching is an excellent approach to teaching your students in an engaging and effective way.
    Bo Staff | The Flow System | Weapons | Strategy | Teaching

  • Jackson Rudolph - Relative Teaching

    This teaching strategy is great for bo staff or weapons classes, but can be applied to any field in the martial arts. This strategy relates more basic techniques to the more difficult technique that you may be trying to teach.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Extreme | Sport Karate | Sport...

  • Jackson Rudolph - What do Judges Look For?

    What do judges look for in a weapons form? Listen in as Jackson breaks down technique, speed, power, and difficulty.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Extreme | Sport Karate | Sport Martial Arts | Tournament | Competition

  • Apolo Ladra - Disguising Repetition

    How do you get kids to continue to drill at a high level? Disguising repetition is a key to great reps. These drills will help with footwork, squatting, and tapping and combines them into this next combination.
    Conditioning | Partner Drills | Kali

  • Justin Ortiz - The Twist

    This is a teaching technique that helps students learn how to pivot. This pivot is going to be important for so many techniques including fundamentals like round kick, side kick, and reverse punch.
    Teaching | Pivoting | Kicking | Kids

  • Herb Perez - Method to your Madness

    This teaching/training tip is very helpful in reminding us to always keep our goals in mind when training or teaching a class. This can be done in four simple steps: introduce, demonstrate, explain, and apply, or IDEA for short.
    Olympic TKD | TKD | Tae Kwon Do | Sparring | Teaching

  • Chris Rappold - Warrior Spirit

    Many of us love sparring, but what do we do when a student doesn't like it or is afraid of it?
    Retention Based Sparring | Sparring | Point Sparring | Point Fighting | Competition

  • Chris Rappold - Instructor Sparring Students

    What is the proper way for instructors to handle sparring with students? Why doesn't the old school mentality still work?
    Retention Based Sparring | Sparring | Point Sparring | Point Fighting