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  • John Hackleman - Foot Sweep Distortion

    The goal is to complete the sweep the instant your opponent takes a step. This is both a technique and a drill.
    MMA | Timing | Takedown

  • Dan Henderson - Take Downs

    Double leg, changing levels, avoiding the front choke, set ups, jabs, arm drags, follow opponent's kick and much more.

  • Dave Durch - Grappling Takedowns

    Use Wing Chun grappling and trapping effectively in MMA! Learn lop sal, pal sal and bong sal. Durch also teaches fok sal from mount and fok sal from ground.

  • Randy Couture - Clinch Takedowns

    Duck under, slide by, foot sweep, double under hook sweep, high single leg, inside trip, and body locks.

    MMA | Grappling | Take Down | Judo | Wrestling

  • Randy Couture - Grappling Takedowns

    Elbow ties, bicep ties, elbow bicep combo, 2 on 1, hand fighting and wrist control, set ups and more.

  • Justin Ortiz - Intermediate Leg Takedown

    After being knocked to the ground, this technique can be used to stop an attacker from following up by tripping them off balance.
    Self Defense | Takedown

  • Dave Kovar - Knee Tap Takedown

    Learn a takedown that targets the back leg. This techniques applies to gi and no-gi classes.
    Wrestling | Grappling | Takedown | Self Defense

  • Dave Kovar - Beginner Double Leg Takedown

    First, focus on teaching the proper way to fall for this drill. Then, this drill teaches a takedown that targets the entire lower body on the knees.
    Wrestling | Grappling | Takedown | Falling | Self Defense

  • Dave Kovar - Double Shot Takedown

    What do you do when a takedown fails? This drill shows how to use a grab and some striking to continue the takedown attempt and succeed.
    Wrestling | Grappling | Take Down | MMA | Partner Drill

  • Dave Kovar - Far Side Single Leg Takedown

    Learn a takedown targeting the back leg. Having a strong grip on the collar is crucial to having a successful takedown.
    Grappling | Wrestling | Intermediate | Standing

  • Dave Kovar - Intermediate Double Leg Takedown

    Learn a takedown that targets the entire lower body. It is important to lower your center of gravity and avoid attempting a "football style" tackle.
    Wrestling | Grappling | Takedown | Standing

  • Dave Kovar - Single Leg Takedown

    Learn how to do a takedown targeting the front leg. Great for controlling an attacker in self defense situations.
    Grappling | Technique | Wrestling | Takedown | Basic

  • John Hackleman - Body Fold Takedown

    The technique works best from the clinch and is great for strikers that don't want to go all the way down with a takedown.
    MMA | Takedown

  • Dave Kovar - Close-Range Mitt Blocking Drill with Takedown

    Close-range drills are very important for self defense training and mitt drills are a staple for many classes. This drill helps transition from blocking to the clinch or takedown.
    Blocking | Partner Drill | Takedown | MMA | Self Defense

  • Justin Ortiz - Advanced Leg Takedown

    The scissor leg takedown is a complex move that your students should have great control with when practicing with classmates. Although risky, this technique could be used to defend against a straight punch.
    Self Defense | Takedown

  • Justin Ortiz - Basic Leg Takedown

    This takedown should be used from the ground to lock the attacker's leg. Keep in mind that sometimes the most basic technique is the most effective self defense technique.
    Self Defense | Takedown

  • Ulysses Gomez - Clinch and Takedowns

    Successfully learn to takedown an opponent using techniques such as double leg takedowns, single leg takedowns, and high crotch takedowns. Gomez also goes into great detail about the flying armbar, defending the double and single leg, and Thai Cling.