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Learn basic sword fundamentals, all the way from basic sword patterns and footwork to advanced forms and performance based applications.

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  • Joshua Quartin - Intermediate Sword

    Step up your skills by learning blocks, complex figure 8, basic jump cuts, and basic throws! Practice transitioning hand positions with drill combinations that have proved to be effective in championship sword technique.

  • Li Jing - Straight Sword

    Li Jing will teach the basics of the sword.

  • Tai Chi with Straight Sword

    Li Jing introduces these challenging movements of this 32 tai chi sword.

  • Joshua Quartin - Beginner Sword

    Through warm_ups, figure 8, hand rolls and stances, you will learn basic sword techniques that will improve your speed, flexibility and sword cuts. Quartin will also teach basic cut drills using downside up and hand rolls to help create a solid foundation for you to build upon.

  • Joshua Quartin - Extreme Sword

    Learn extreme tricks with sword possession! Quartin shows you how to master the 540, 720, V twist, round off tuck, and round off flash with detailed instruction for safety and proper championship sword technique. Quartin shows you step by step how to correctly position your hands, body, and eyes ...

  • Jacob Kabel - Competition Sword Techniques

    In the form there will be some crazy combinations, like to do a wrist roll bounce release into a 720 to 540 kick cut while you kick, how to pass the sword under your leg while doing a tornado kick, how to use cuts to setup for trick moves, how to hold your sword when tricking, how to use your swo...

  • Caitlin Dechelle - Extreme Competition Forms

    Caitlin Dechelle teaches you her secrets to competition forms

  • Cailtin Dechelle - Creative Competition Forms

    Caitlin Dechelle teaches you her secrets to competition forms

  • Caitlin Dechelle - Traditional and Creative Competition Sword Form

  • Caitlin Dechelle - Basic Sword Training

  • Caitlin Dechelle - Extreme Competition Sword Form

  • Kalman Csoka - Traditional Sword Form 1

    Traditional Sword Form I _ Kalman walks you through traditional sword form and then breaks it down into six easy to follow steps, followed by a wrap up drill at 75% speed.

  • Kalman Csoka - Advanced Student

    For the advanced student, Kalman teaches vertical and horizontal wrist roll to throw techniques, three different types of box cutter moves, a reverse grip vertical throw, spinning chiburis and 360 degree spinning chibuirs.

  • Kalman Csoka - Cutting Basics

    In this lesson you will see how to hold the sword when cutting, Kalman shows you two basic blocks, eight standard grip cuts, eight count cut sequence, two reverse grip cuts, and a basic reverse grip combination.

  • Kalman Csoka - Creative Sword Manuevers and Techniques

    Creative Sword Maneuvers and Techniques _ This DVD will dive into creative sword forms including forward and reverse rolls, forward and reverse figure eights, figure eight behind the back roll, 360 degree circle roll, vertical and horizontal wrist rolls, side to side forearm twist drill and a spe...

  • Kalman Csoka - Introduction to Sword

    Kalman Csoka walks you through the core basics every sword student should know. He starts with tying the hakama and continues with drawing the sword, standard and reverse grips, chiburi and noto.