Watch this video and more on Martial Arts Drills

Watch this video and more on Martial Arts Drills

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Mike Swain - Using Off Balancing & Timing

Style Sampler • 2m 22s

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  • Apolo Ladra - Sagang Labo

    Develop counter-striking at close range with this drill. The partners should be flowing smoothly from offense to defense, with the opportunity to disarm at any time.
    Self Defense | Empty Hand | Kali | Partner Drills | Matching | Timing | Rhythm | Weapons

  • Pete Sorce - Inayan Escrima Hand Dril...

    This initial hand drill works on the parry motion with a partner, ultimately resulting in a motion similar to rubbing your hands together.
    Kali | Escrima | Coordination | Hand Speed

  • Danny Etkin - Competition Drill Seque...

    This partner drill is a great high-energy competition for your students. Focus on clean technique and see who the fastest student in the class is!
    Sport Karate | Partner Drill | Speed | Hand Combo | Weapons