Watch this video and more on Martial Arts Drills

Watch this video and more on Martial Arts Drills

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Herb Perez - Multi-Directional Distance Attacking Drill

Style Sampler • 1m 27s

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  • Harinder Singh - Trapping Hand Drill 1

    The ability to trap and punch in tandem is a valuable fighting skill. The purpose of trapping is to immobilize the hands to allow time for an additional strike.
    Jeet Kune Do | Punching | Trapping | Grappling | Self Defense

  • Dave Kovar - 2 Hand Speed Drill - Kenpo

    This old-school drill, otherwise known as Kenpo 2, is excellent for developing speed in self defense techniques. Precision is very important for these strikes.
    Kenpo | Speed | Accuracy | Self Defense | Partner Drill

  • Rob Campbell - Tip of the Month - Lon...

    Good technique is built on a solid stance foundation. Sifu Campbell walks you through basic transitions to a variety of strikes utilize the single and double windmill techniques.
    Kung Fu | Kata | Balance | Basics | Fundamental | Striking