Style Sampler

Style Sampler

Expand your horizons and spice up your black belt class by trying some drills from styles you may not be familiar with. This playlist explores many different kinds of martial arts ranging from Jiu Jitsu to Jeet Kune Do.

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Style Sampler
  • Herb Perez - Multi-Directional Distance Attacking Drill

    Work on your round kicks with this drill that incorporates the lead leg, rear leg, and a defensive round kick. This is a very practical drill for Tae Kwon Do sparring.
    Olympic TKD | TKD | Tae Kwon Do | Sparring | Kicking | Round Kick | Paddle Drill

  • Harinder Singh - Trapping Hand Drill 1

    The ability to trap and punch in tandem is a valuable fighting skill. The purpose of trapping is to immobilize the hands to allow time for an additional strike.
    Jeet Kune Do | Punching | Trapping | Grappling | Self Defense

  • Dave Kovar - 2 Hand Speed Drill - Kenpo

    This old-school drill, otherwise known as Kenpo 2, is excellent for developing speed in self defense techniques. Precision is very important for these strikes.
    Kenpo | Speed | Accuracy | Self Defense | Partner Drill

  • Rob Campbell - Tip of the Month - Long-Arm Drill

    Good technique is built on a solid stance foundation. Sifu Campbell walks you through basic transitions to a variety of strikes utilize the single and double windmill techniques.
    Kung Fu | Kata | Balance | Basics | Fundamental | Striking

  • Mike Parker - Counter to Jab Cross & Hook - Part 1

    The first combination in this series provides an effective counter to the jab, cross, and hook.
    Muay Thai | Boxing | MMA | Partner Drill

  • Ricardo Liborio - From Mount to Back Position

    This drill will help your students transition from the mount to the back position. Take advantage of your opponent trying to shrimp when you use this technique.
    Jiu Jitsu | BJJ | Gi | Grappling | Transition

  • Mike Swain - Using Off Balancing & Timing

    This resistance drill helps reinforce the push pull theory. Start off-center with your partner with a lapel and sleeve grip. As the partner squat and pulls the third time, take an offensive step forward and execute your throw.
    Judo | Olympics | Osoto Gari | Timing | Technique | Footwork| Partner...

  • Apolo Ladra - Sagang Labo

    Develop counter-striking at close range with this drill. The partners should be flowing smoothly from offense to defense, with the opportunity to disarm at any time.
    Self Defense | Empty Hand | Kali | Partner Drills | Matching | Timing | Rhythm | Weapons

  • Pete Sorce - Inayan Escrima Hand Drill Series - Part 1

    This initial hand drill works on the parry motion with a partner, ultimately resulting in a motion similar to rubbing your hands together.
    Kali | Escrima | Coordination | Hand Speed

  • Danny Etkin - Competition Drill Sequences

    This partner drill is a great high-energy competition for your students. Focus on clean technique and see who the fastest student in the class is!
    Sport Karate | Partner Drill | Speed | Hand Combo | Weapons