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  • John Hackleman - Muay Thai Clinch to Spinning Back Kick

    This combination allows the opponent to pull up out of the clinch, setting up your spinning back kick.
    MMA | Muay Thai | Kicking | Bob

  • John Hackleman - Linear Kicks on the Shield

    Round kicks are often overworked and it can be very beneficial to drill the linear front and side kicks on the shield. Side kicks and spinning back kicks can be effective round kick follow ups as well.
    MMA | Kicking

  • John Hackleman - Overhand Right Left Hook

    This combination is used when your opponent crowds you when going for the right overhand. Most of the time the overhand alone isn't quite enough.
    MMA | Punching

  • John Hackleman - Preemptive Strike

    The whole concept of the preemptive strike is to hit the opponent before the opponent hits you. In a self defense situation, make it clear that you don't want to fight before engaging with the strike.
    MMA | Bob | Self Defense

  • John Hackleman - MMA is Here to Stay

    This combination drill involves punching, kicking, sprawls, and back drops, then switching to slams and strikes on the ground bag. This drill works almost every aspect of MMA.
    MMA | Punching | Kicking | Sprawl | Takedown

  • John Hackleman - Power Punching Partner Drill

    Partners begin by alternating punches as fast as they can, then using left and right hooks on the following rounds.
    MMA | Punching | Power | Partner Drill | Endurance | Conditioning | Bag Drill

  • Ulysses Gomez - Striking

    In this volume, you will learn basic stance, footwork, and pankration striking techniques that will help you effectively incorporate the art of pankration into Mixed Martial Arts.

  • Jens Pulver - Dirty Boxing

    The master at dirty boxing, Pulver reveals all of his secrets for crushing his opponent

  • Dave Durch - Trapping

    In this title, Durch details close quarter hand movement, Wing Chun's center line fighting, chi sao, fok sal, tong sal, lop sal, and pak sal. He also shows trapping drills with MMA punching and teaches you how to use all of these techniques in MMA.

  • Dave Durch - Punches and Approaches

    Continue learning Wing Chun techniques in MMA with punches and approaches. Durch covers the four corners of Wing Chun punching, boxing punches vs. Wing Chun punches, and the straight blast. He will teach you to train with pads as well as with a partner.

  • Dave Durch - Kicking Basics

    Learn to use effective Wing Chun kicks in MMA! In this volume, Durch teaches the leg hook kick, groin hook kick, scoop kick, oblige kick, and a hook kick to the face. You will also learn three count training drills for each kick and focus pad training for combination kicks to increase accuracy an...

  • Randy Couture - Special Tactics

    Includes effective Collar ties and powerful strikes.

    Wrestling | Take Down | Grappling

  • Mike Parker - Knee Strikes

    Sifu Parker will teach you, step-by-step , the structure and movement of knee strikes, basic knee strikes, and knee/kick combinations! This includes stance, body position, hand and foot position, long knee strikes, short knee strikes, as well as combos right knee/right kick, right kick/knee, and ...

  • Frank Shamrock - Clinch Fighting

    Gives you the tools to master the clinch game and win the fight. Are you ready to test your skills in the ring? In this exciting conclusion, the legendary middleweight champion draws from his experience as a fighter to show you the best ways to prepare for and win a fight. MMA | Striking | Strategy

  • Dan Henderson - The Clinch

    Closing the Gap Cross or kick off his jab, closing the distance from strikes, under hooks, hip position, snap downs, knee bumps and much more.

  • Harinder Singh - Kickboxing Drill - Part 2

    Break down the flow drill from part one of this series into smaller parts to help your students progress to longer combos and eventually free sparring.
    Jeet Kune Do | Kickboxing | Bruce Lee | Striking | Pad Drills

  • Harinder Singh - Kickboxing Drill - Part 3

    After mastering the timing in parts one and two, you can allow the students to have a bit more freedom. Allow your students to express themselves by choosing their own techniques.
    Jeet Kune Do | Kickboxing | Bruce Lee | Striking | Pad Drills

  • Harinder Singh - Kickboxing Drill - Part 1

    This flow drill will allow the partners to work based off the other's techniques. This drill is excellent for improving students' timing, spacing, and control.
    Jeet Kune Do | Kickboxing | Bruce Lee | Striking | Pad Drills

  • Kaytlin Neil - Torrent Punching Combo 3

    Alternate between orthodox and southpaw stances with a short punching combination and a round kick. This will be entertaining for the students and builds coordination and cardiovascular endurance.
    Bag Drills | Fitness | Conditioning | Cardio | Kickboxing | Punching | MMA

  • Kaytlin Neil - Torrent Punching Combo 1

    This drill combines stationary running techniques with straight and hook punches for a full-body workout.
    Bag Drills | Fitness | Conditioning | Cardio | Kickboxing | Punching | MMA

  • Kaytlin Neil - Torrent Sprint Combo

    This drill combines straight punches and burpees for a full-body cardio workout.
    Bag Drills | Fitness | Conditioning | Cardio | Kickboxing | Punching

  • Kaytlin Neil - Torrent - Breathing Techniques

    Breathing has always been a difficult concept for students of all ages and ranks. Learn the proper way to help your students breathe and have a more effective workout.
    Bag Drills | Fitness | Conditioning | Cardio | Kickboxing | Breathing | MMA

  • Kaytlin Neil - Torrent - Adding Footwork

    Want to help your students burn more calories during bag drills? Learn how to use footwork to take your bag striking combinations to the next level.
    Bag Drills | Fitness | Conditioning | Cardio | Kickboxing | Footwork | MMA

  • Kaytlin Neil - Torrent - Critical Distance

    Spacing is an important concept for all styles of fighting. Learn the critical distance for striking from a professional MMA fighter.
    Bag Drills | Fitness | Conditioning | Cardio | Kickboxing | Spacing | MMA