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Damon Gilbert - Push Pull Reaction

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Justin Ortiz - Spinning Back Kick

Sport Karate • 1m 29s

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  • Damon Gilbert - Push Pull Reaction

    Students will start in a clinch, pushing and pulling to work their entire body. This physical exercise will be followed by practicing of any technique the instructor chooses.
    Sparring | Point Sparring | Point Fighting | Cardio | Conditioning

  • Damon Gilbert - Explosive Reflex Deve...

    This footwork drill is key for helping your students develop their reaction time. This will help them evade their opponents and create space while sparring.
    Sparring | Point Sparring | Point Fighting | Reaction Time | Speed | Defense

  • Kameren Dawson - Ridge Hand Add Ons

    This combination drill keeps it basic and helps students understand how to link moves together. The drill is similar to the reverse punch and back fist add ons.
    Punching | Sparring | Self Defense | Point Sparring | Point Fighting | Point Karate | Sport Karate | Kicking | Speed | Bag Drill