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Watch this video and more on MA Drills

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Justin Ortiz - High X-Block Switching Palms

Sparring Drills • 2m 7s

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  • Michael Kramp - X-Box Sparring

    This sparring drill will allow students to control another classmate as if they are playing a video game. This helps develop their fighting intuition through very basic "coaching".

  • Herb Perez - Front Leg - Back Leg Rou...

    This difficult round kick drill is great for cardio and agility training. Be sure to train in time increments to make the drill easier for your students, with clear goal-setting.
    Olympic TKD | TKD | Tae Kwon Do | Sparring | Kicking | Speed | Agility | Endurance | Cardio | Paddle Drill

  • Chris Rappold - Defense

    As instructors we don't just want to focus on physical skills, but we also need to teach our students the mental game. Mental defensive strategies are very important for sparring.
    Retention Based Sparring | Sparring | Point Sparring | Point Fighting