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Watch this video and more on MA Drills

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Justin Ortiz - Switch, Swoop, and Swipe

Sparring Drills • 1m 32s

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  • Juan Moreno - Kick and Move

    This is not only a drill, but a strategy for competition. The goal is to strike the target, then exit the striking zone very quickly by landing a bit short.
    Olympic TKD | Tae Kwon Do | Sparring | Paddle Drill | Technique | Fundamentals | Basics | Beginner | Movement

  • Justin Ortiz - High X-Block Switching...

    Defending against a straight punch, students will use a sequence of small defense techniques to ultimately grab the attacker by the head for a takedown.
    Self Defense | Advanced | Takedown

  • Michael Kramp - X-Box Sparring

    This sparring drill will allow students to control another classmate as if they are playing a video game. This helps develop their fighting intuition through very basic "coaching".