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Watch this video and more on Martial Arts Drills

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Ted Guerrero - Creating Reaction Time

Self Defense • 4m 31s

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  • Mike Nebgen - Intermediate Falls

    This series of falls is done from a standing position to create greater impact upon landing. It is important to understand how to fall from a standing position both for self defense and regular martial arts training.
    Falls | Self Defense | Safety | Intermediate

  • Mike Nebgen - Front Side Fall

    This fall happens with one hand behind the back and students will slap the mat and kiyah to decrease the impact of a fall.
    Break Falls | Self Defense | Safety | Beginners

  • Dave Kovar - Single Stick Disarm - Pa...

    This disarm defends against a backhand strike. This drill also discusses the difference between being open and closed when using sticks.
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