Rock Solid

Rock Solid

23 Seasons

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Rock Solid
  • Jacob Kabel - Basic Sword Techniques

    Episode 1

    Forearm and wrist stretches, safety and sword history, 8 basic cuts, stabbing, 8 positions, blocks, conditioning, knee slide and more

  • Jacob Kabel - Intermediate Sword Techniques

    Episode 2

    Teaching how to draw and sheath your sword, 4 chiburi, reverse grip cuts and stabbing, how to role the sword through your fingers, some manipulations and spins

  • Jacob Kabel - Advanced Sword Techniques

    Episode 3

    Wrist rolls, advanced figure eights, Boyd chiburi, single and double releases, matrix cut, a couple awesome combinations and much much more

  • Jacob Kabel - Competition Sword Techniques

    Episode 4

    In the form there will be some crazy combinations, like to do a wrist roll bounce release into a 720 to 540 kick cut while you kick, how to pass the sword under your leg while doing a tornado kick, how to use cuts to setup for trick moves, how to hold your sword when tricking, how to use your swo...