Rock Solid

Rock Solid

23 Seasons

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Rock Solid
  • Matt Emig - Intermediate Chuk Basics

    Episode 1

    Learn to select and hold chuks. Keys to stretching before you train. Basic blocks and chops, block_punch combos, drills and combinations

  • Matt Emig - Intermediate Chuks

    Episode 2

    Diagonal strikes. Tips to prevent injury, combos, keys to keeping chuks parallel, over the head

  • Matt Emig - Advanced Chuks

    Episode 3

    Advanced figure eights, strikes with spins, using both hands, the forward/backward wheel, hand rolls; vertical/horizontal rolls.

  • Matt Emig - Championship Chuks

    Episode 4

    Basic form. Matt breaks it down step by step adding his winning insight to each and every move. Demonstrates advanced form that you can customize for a winning performance