Rock Solid

Rock Solid

23 Seasons

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Rock Solid
  • Lauren Kearney - Bo Basics

    Episode 1

    Basic stances, strikes, hand positioning, drills, impressive strikes, figure eight, sweep forward strike, sweep upper cut, five strike sequence and much more.

  • Lauren Kearney - Bo Basics to Kata

    Episode 2

    Step by step instruction. Can be used for beginner or intermediate level.

  • Lauren Kearney - Bo Advanced

    Episode 3

    hand offs, spins, throws and swings. Around the head back, behind the back strike, baseball swings and much more.

  • Lauren Kearney - Be a Champion

    Episode 4

    Incorporate the Bo basics, drills, advanced techniques along with creativity to score with the judges. Secret tips and tricks and favorite drills, musical suggestions and judging insights.

  • Lauren Kearney - Elite Bo Techniques

    Episode 5

    Reviews previously learned techniques. Learn various strikes and variations, including figure 8 techniques. Also covers throws, swings and advanced moves.

  • Lauren Kearney - Elite Bo Form

    Episode 6

    Explains how to put a bo form together. Covers tricks, releases and repetitions