Rock Solid

Rock Solid

23 Seasons

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Rock Solid
  • Chrissy Concepion - Basic Competition Kamas

    Episode 1

    Chrissy takes you through the basic steps essential to creating any kama form. She includes instruction on kama chops, punches, 7 cuts, double punches, and spin chops.

  • Chrissy Concepion - Intermediate Competition Kamas

    Episode 2

    Includes instruction on figure eights in both standard and rotating methods, half rotations that incorporate strikes and blocks, and small combinations using 7 cuts, chop punch angles, and kicks

  • Chrissy Concepion - Advanced Competition Kamas

    Episode 3

    This program continues into instruction on creativity, including information on camouflaging half rotations, stab variations, foot positioning, slice variations and passing kamas between your legs.