Rock Solid

Rock Solid

23 Seasons

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Rock Solid
  • James Solis - Trick Series Basics

    Episode 1

    Learn basic kicks and hand motions for most tricks. Also included are a combination of kicks and hand motions to create basic combos.

  • James Solis - Trick Series Intermediate

    Episode 2

    Intermediate level consists of dynamic moves such as split kick, pop front kick, outside crescent kick, tornado kick and cartwheel. Also learn one solid hand comination that consists of ten strikes

  • James Solis - Trick Series Advanced

    Episode 3

    Learn the advanced kicks, including 540 kick, 720 kick, axe aerial and more! Also includes a solid hand combo that consists of fifteen strikes

  • James Solis - Trick Series Elite

    Episode 4

    Step in to elite technique with such moves as the 900 kick, 1080 kick, split kick double leg and more! Includes musical form build up for openings and presentations