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Rock Solid

Rock Solid

23 Seasons

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Rock Solid
  • Jarret Leiker - Beginner Bo Staff

    Episode 1

    Jarrett will show you basic warm ups, stances and combos including an eight strike combo and X strike combo.

  • Jarret Leiker - Intermediate Bo Staff

    Episode 2

    Combo variations to enhance your technique will include hook, scoop, flick, adding the sweep, behind the back pass to release, tornado pass and more.

  • Jarret Leiker - Advanced Bo Staff

    Episode 3

    You will learn advanced combos and variations such as neck roll turns, swing combo, palm spins, under the leg releases and more.

  • Jarret Leiker - Legendary Bo Staff

    Episode 4

    Jarrett teaches three elite combos in addition to many elite moves like anti_gravity, spinning leg pass, vertical toss to neck roll and more.

  • Jarret Leiker - Traditional Competition Bo Staff Forms

    Episode 5

    The legendary moves that have made Jarrett a legend in the competition world are explained for you here with the debut of double bo techniques and combos never before seen.