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Rock Solid

Rock Solid

23 Seasons

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Rock Solid
  • Daniel Sterling - Basic Kamas

    Episode 1

    Includes a step by step breakdown of proper kama handling, grip position, selection, strikes, cuts and drills. Will help improve lines, strike accuracy and overall technique.

  • Daniel Sterling - Intermediate Kamas

    Episode 2

    Intermediate Kamas Demonstrates forward spin, backward spin, figure eight spin and combinations working with different range and motion. Adds variety to form to make performances impressive.

  • Daniel Sterling - Advanced Kamas

    Episode 3

    Advanced Kamas Breaks down more finger roll variations and combinations. Demonstrates how to add more difficulty and give more options in creating competition form.

  • Daniel Sterling - Championship Kamas

    Episode 4

    Championship Kamas Explores entire competition form from start to finish. Follow along to make sure you're performing the techniques correctly. Includes bonus material for more challenge.