Rock Solid

Rock Solid

23 Seasons

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Rock Solid
  • DX - Basic Hand Gestures

    Episode 1

    In this volume, DX teaches us proper Wushu stretching, hand movements, stances and a basic form

  • DX - Long Fist

    Episode 2

    In this volume learn kicks DX style! All of these techniques are put together in combinations that are sure to improve your game

  • DX - Jumping

    Episode 3

    Tricks and Forms In this volume learn to jump like a Champion! DX teaches the Wushu front, tornado and butterfly kicks, butterfly twist and more

  • DX - Kicking

    Episode 4

    Tricks and Forms Want to learn an awesome Wushu form" In this volume DX breaks down step by step a four section form; he teaches how to connect each section and shows the form full out

  • DX - Pu Dao

    Episode 5

    In this volume learn the basic Pu Dao strikes, flowers and sweeps then put them together with simple combinations. DX also teaches a Basic Pu Dao form incorporating all techniques