Rock Solid Marathon

Rock Solid Marathon

This playlist is perfect for fans of Century's Rock Solid DVD series. Kick back and enjoy this marathon as Sport Karate legends teach you Rock Solid hand techniques, kicks, and weapons maneuvers.

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Rock Solid Marathon
  • Marcel Jones - Intermediate Hand Techniques

    Marcel furthers his basic instruction on hand techniques by teaching more complex strikes, blocks, and combinations. Marcel also teaches how to set up for strikes and how to complete a combination with finishing positions

  • Gemma Nguyen - The Kicking Essentials

    Gemma begins with basic leg, ankle, and feet stretches, and then introduces the proper technique for five basic kicks including front, round, side, hook, and ax kicks. She then demonstrates a 9_count kick excercise that is useful for building muscle and stamina for kicking.

  • Ross Levine - Competition Bo 1

    Basic Bo Striking, Spinning, and Drills

  • Kalman Csoka - Creative Sword Manuevers and Techniques

    Creative Sword Maneuvers and Techniques _ This DVD will dive into creative sword forms including forward and reverse rolls, forward and reverse figure eights, figure eight behind the back roll, 360 degree circle roll, vertical and horizontal wrist rolls, side to side forearm twist drill and a spe...

  • Matt Emig - Intermediate Chuks

    Diagonal strikes. Tips to prevent injury, combos, keys to keeping chuks parallel, over the head

  • John Su - Chain Whip Intro & Beginner Techniques

    Basic Horizontal, vertical & figure 8 spins. Footwork and stances