Practical Aikido

Practical Aikido

5 Episodes

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Practical Aikido
  • Kevin Bloc - Basic Aikido 1

    Episode 1

    Kyoshi Kevin Blok introduces the basic principles that make up the art of Aikido. Beginning with an overview of the art and warm_up exercises, Kyoshi readies you for learning the true Aikido way. He also instructs you on basic breakfalls, basic movements, and basic controls and pins from grabs.

  • Kevin Bloc - Basic Aikido 2

    Episode 2

    Continuing with the beginner level of instruction, Kyoshi Blok introduces basic Aikido throws from grabs. These throws include all direction, hitting elbow, front step_in, side step_in, and reverse hand. Kyoshi Blok will also show you examples of variations for many of these basic throws

  • Kevin Bloc - Intermediate Aikido 1

    Episode 3

    Expanding on the basics of Practical Aikido Basics I and II, Kyoshi Blok builds onto the curriculum by providing more advanced pins from strikes. These pins include over eight variations of control pins, followed by several elbow locks.

  • Kevin Bloc - Intermediate Aikido 2

    Episode 4

    Continuing with the intermediate Aikido techniques, Kyoshi Blok introduces new breakfalls and throws from strikes. He will again include all direction, hitting elbow, front step_in, side step_in, and reverse hand throws, but will include more advanced variations not shown in the basic level videos.

  • Kevin Bloc - Advanced Aikido

    Episode 5

    Beginning with advanced body movement continuation drills, Kyoshi Blok prepares you for a deeper look into the Aikido art. New advanced breakfalls are introduced along with behind control and throwing techniques. Drop down throwing, heaven and earth throws, and breath throws are also included to ...