Power & Strength

Power & Strength

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Power & Strength
  • Michael Kramp - Control The Bears

    This is a simple bear crawl drill, but one student will be behind the crawler providing resistance that provides additional upper body training.
    Power | Strength | Kids | Adults

  • Michael Kramp - Light Saber Sit Ups

    This drill combines a fun game with some physical fitness. The students will do sit ups while striking their partner with a noodle.
    Sit Up | Conditioning | Fitness | Kids

  • Michael Kramp - Boulder Roll Relay

    Be sure to pair the right size ball with the right size student. This drill is great for cardio and full body conditioning for kids.
    Kids | Medicine Ball | Conditioning | Bag Drills | Cardio | Strength

  • Michael Kramp - High Five Push Ups

    This classic drill is a great warm up to increase the energy in the room and get everyone's blood flowing.
    Kids | Team Work | Conditioning | Strength | Exercise | Warm Up

  • Melody Shuman - Burn Outs

    Students will race to run down the mat and back, completing a certain exercise after each lap. These exercises could be jumping jacks, squats, push ups, or any other technique that comes to mind.
    Intensity | Endurance | Fitness | Kids | Cardio

  • Melody Shuman - 1 to 10

    This concept can be used with any technique and is designed to make sure students don't fade while performing reps. The last rep should be just as strong, if not stronger, than the first!
    Kids | Intensity | Endurance | Burn Out | Technique

  • Melody Shuman - Target Practice

    Students will use any technique of your choice to attempt to send a focus pad flying at a bag. This always provides a fun challenge for students of any level.
    Precision | Accuracy | Pad Drill | Kids | Power

  • Melody Shuman - Super Punches

    This drill will allow your students to focus on power to launch the focus pad as far as possible after punching it. A big yell always makes the pad fly farther!
    Power | Kids | Punching | Intensity