Watch this video and more on Martial Arts Drills

Watch this video and more on Martial Arts Drills

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Ernie Reyes Jr. - Defensive Sidekick Drill

Point Fighting • 1m 22s

Up Next in Point Fighting

  • Michael Kramp - Tied at the Hip

    Two students will be tied together at the back with a white belt. The two students will face off against another pair and attempt to use teamwork and strategy to win the match.
    Team Work | Sparring | Resistance Training | Strategy

  • Michael Kramp - Bungee Sparring

    A bungee cord keeps two students together to work on close range sparring. Then, the students will drill teamwork by sparring one pair versus another.
    Sparring | Resistance Training | Team Work

  • Michael Kramp - Alligator Pit Sparring

    Students will spar in a "king of the ring" style while staying in close range. If a student steps out of the circle, they are out.
    Sparring | Close Range | Continuous Sparring | Footwork