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Watch this video and more on Martial Arts Drills

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Abid Benwali & Eric Santamaria - Defense Bait Drill

Point Fighting • 1m 34s

Up Next in Point Fighting

  • Abid Benwali & Eric Santamaria - Fake...

    This drill helps your students perfect their fakes for point sparring. One student tries to make the most effective fake possible, while the other is working on a variety of counters.
    Timing | Sparring | Partner Drill | Point Fighting | Blitz | Footwork | Partner Drill

  • Abid Benwali Eric Santamaria - Angle...

    This drill is not only a great warm up, but will help your students develop spacing and footwork in a partner setting. Throw in an exercise for some bonus cardio!
    Sparring | Warm Up | Fighting | Movement | Footwork

  • Abid Benwali & Eric Santa Maria - Ang...

    This drill is an excellent warm up for sparring classes. Take it to the next level by combining the basic footwork with sparring techniques.
    Sparring | Warm Up | Movement | Fighting | Speed | Footwork