Watch this video and more on Martial Arts Drills

Watch this video and more on Martial Arts Drills

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Michael Kramp - Bungee Sparring

Point Fighting • 2m 25s

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  • Michael Kramp - Alligator Pit Sparring

    Students will spar in a "king of the ring" style while staying in close range. If a student steps out of the circle, they are out.
    Sparring | Close Range | Continuous Sparring | Footwork

  • Michael Kramp - A to B Sparring

    Do you need a way to spice up your sparring class but maintain high safety standards? This drill helps students block aggressively and counter quickly.
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  • Michael Kramp - Clearing The Forest -...

    Students will navigate through a set of Wavemasters to work a variety of kicks and master movement that will help with their sparring.
    Footwork | Distance | Movement | Kicking | Bag Drill