Partner Drills

Partner Drills

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Partner Drills
  • Danny Etkin - Competition Drill Sequences

    This partner drill is a great high-energy competition for your students. Focus on clean technique and see who the fastest student in the class is!
    Sport Karate | Partner Drill | Speed | Hand Combo | Weapons

  • Antony Graf - Hand Speed Drill

    This drill is very effective to improve your students' punching speed.
    Coordination | Speed | Punching

  • Ernie Reyes Jr. - 10 Count Punching with Defense & Partner

    This partner drill incorporates both the 10 count punching and blocking drills. This drill has great application in self defense or MMA.
    MMA | Self Defense | Partner Drill | Combo

  • Michael Kramp - Balance Break

    The goal of this drill is to maintain balance while someone else is trying to throw it off.
    Balance | Partner Drill

  • Michael Kramp - Iron Arms

    This drill is designed to condition the forearms at low repetition. The students will execute middle and low blocks while facing each other to strengthen and build tolerance in the forearms.
    Conditioning | Blocking | Partner Drill

  • Michael Kramp - Pressure Trigger

    Wavemasters will be used for the kickers to brace themselves as they try to unleash full-power side kicks on body shields. The holders will push against the kickers to provide resistance.
    Power | Kicking | Chambers | Partner Drill

  • Michael Kramp - Block And Tackle

    This drill will help students transition immediately from defense to offense. The instructor will call out when the students should switch between blocks and strikes.
    Partner Drill | Pad Drill | Blocking | Punching

  • Michael Kramp - Slow Burn

    Work round kicks in a partner drill that gives the students a bit of extra stability so they can develop leg strength and perfect their technique.
    Kids | Adults | Partner Drill | Kicking

  • Michael Kramp - Turtle Sparring

    This drill may look like a Jiu Jitsu or Judo drill, but is really designed to help students understand shifting and how to use their opponent's weight.
    Grappling | Shifting | Control

  • Michael Kramp - Slow & Go

    Start the drill with slow warm up punches and switch to full power techniques on the body shield. It is important to be able to switch up the pace quickly.
    Power | Striking | Resistance Training | Speed

  • Michael Kramp - 10-10-200

    While maintaining a neutral standing position, use a unique approach to get 200 repetitions of punches.
    Striking | Power | Partner Drill | Pad Drill | Cardio | Conditioning

  • Michael Kramp - Run & Gun

    This striking drill develops fast reaction time and can provide a solid cardio workout at high speeds.
    Games | Striking | Agility | Teens | Reaction | Punching

  • Chris Casamassa - Race to 10 Challenge

    This is another drill that works for just about any technique. The goal is for the students to execute the techniques in sync, ending the drill at the same time. They can also race to 10 repetitions.
    Teamwork | Partner Drill | Speed

  • Chris Casamassa - Stop and Go Challenge

    The students will punch towards each other, the first one to strike wins. However, there is a punishment if the student punches when the instructor says "stop".
    Timing | Speed | Focus | Discipline

  • Mike Nebgen - Prearranged Sparring Drill

    This drill involves a choreographed, memorized sparring sequence that help students rep self defense techniques and work on focus and concentration.
    Distance | Timing | Footwork | Sparring

  • Dave Kovar - Clinch War

    Instructors often don't spend enough time at close range with students, this drill can help you change that. Learn how to enter the clinch from mid range and how to defend against it.
    Partner Drill | Self Defense | Close Range

  • Dave Kovar - Inside Outside Drill

    Not only is this a great warm up and helps your students get focused, it also develops the intuition to slip an incoming punch. There are multiple variations for this drill.
    Warm Up | Reaction | Footwork | Partner Drill | Punch

  • Apolo Ladra - Reaction Drill

    This sparring drill will help students understand targeting and spacing. Understanding this concept will prevent kicks from landing on the elbow or other undesirable targets.
    Kali | Sparring | Targeting | Spacing | Partner Drill | Reaction | Kicking | Blocking | Self Defense

  • Chris Casamassa - Tick Tock Challenge

    The instructor will swing a paddle between the striker and the pad holder. The striking student must attack when the opening is present.
    Sparring | Distance | Timing | Footwork | Speed