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Watch this video and more on Martial Arts Drills

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Scott Rogers - Moving Attacks with Sparring Tips

Panther Videos • 52m

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  • Scott Rogers - Pressure Points and Gr...

    Proven Kyushojutsu techniques that will disable any attacker regardless of martial discipline. Taught from handson experience, not theory. Rogers is a 4th Dan Black Belt Master Rank in Okinawan Kempo and an expert in Kyushojutsu.

  • Sukh Sandu - Advanced Techniques

    Get instruction on reversal techniques of Jujutsu grappling, part of the basics of the Jinenkan. Then learn how to use Ninpo (ninjutsu) to perform the same Jinenkan jujutsu basics with weapons such as Eda Koppo followed by instruction on the use of Bo Shuriken to perform the basic striking counte...

  • Sukh Sandu - Expert Techniques

    Learn the use of muto dori (unarmed sword catching/evasion) along with the two sword (Ni_To Jutsu) of the Jinen Ryu. Sensei Sandhu then explains the Ninja Biken (sword of the ninja). This Ninpo series is completed with the use of metsubushi (blinding powder) and some examples of controlled sparring