Paddle Drills

Paddle Drills

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Paddle Drills
  • Melody Shuman - Don't Knock the Pad

    This speed drill challenges the students not only to kick quickly, but also push them to kick over the bag and hitting a paddle. This will work both reaction time and flexibility.
    Kids | Games | Speed | Balance | Coordination | Kicking

  • Juan Moreno - 2 Probe Kicks & A Power Kick

    This drill is great for all levels and works an essential combo to Tae Kwon Do sparring. You’ll put together side kicks, round kick and back leg round house kicks.
    Olympic TKD | Tae Kwon Do | Sparring | Paddle Drill | Technique | Fundamentals | Basics | Beginner | Kicking

  • Michael Kramp - Truffle Shuffle

    Use the agility ladder to drill the shuffle transition into a round kick. The drill can be done with a partner on paddles as well.
    Speed | Agility | Kicking | Agility Ladder | Footwork | Partner Drill | Paddle Drill

  • Melody Shuman - 1 2 3 Switch

    Students will switch feet based on whatever number the instructor calls. The leading leg will throw a kick onto the paddle. The first student to kick the paddle wins.
    Kids | Footwork | Speed | Agility

  • Herb Perez - Rear Leg Distance Drills

    These distance drills focus on only the rear leg for both offense and defense. You can use one paddle for speed and two paddles for power.
    Olympic TKD | TKD | Tae Kwon Do | Sparring | Paddle Drill

  • Michael Kramp - Elevator Kicks

    This drill will help your students develop better chambers, balance, and overall kicking technique while striking at three different levels.
    Balance | Kicking | Partner Drill | Paddle Drill | Flexibility

  • Michael Kramp - Elevator Kicking

    Work on round kicks to the groin, midsection, and head without putting the foot down.
    Balance | Kicking | Round Kick | Partner Drill | Paddle Drill | Flexibility