Watch Introduction to Footwork

Watch Introduction to Footwork

Up Next in Sifu Singh JKD for Black Belts - Attack Strategies

  • Boxing Footwork 1. Step & Slide 2. Sl...

    1. Bil Jee is the Queen of all Moves. Can Attack in Infinite Possibilities. Bil Jee = Thrusting Fingers, The Finger Jab
    2. Breath is the King. Defend the Breath - One Move, one breath at a time.

  • Boxing Footwork 4. Push Shuffle

  • Boxing Footwork 5. Boxers Shuffle

    1. Head - Slip, Sway, Duck, Bob, & Weave
    2. Feet - Moving, Engaging the Ground, & Be Athletic
    3. Hands - Help You Move
    4. Tactical Breathing - Monitor Gas Tank(Air) and Listen to Sound(Feed Back Loop)