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Watch SDA & The Bil Jee

Watch SDA & The Bil Jee

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Up Next in Sifu Singh JKD for Black Belts - Attack Strategies

  • SDA - Step & Pause to Break The Rhytm...

  • SDA - Broken Rhythm Footwork

    Steel Space, Break Time, and Surprise your opponent
    1. Steel Step and Shuffle
    2. Skip Heel and Shuffle
    3. Steel to the Heel and Shuffle

    Break & Set Rhythms by Altering Depth of Penetration and Not Speed Variance, and use the Tactical Pause
    1. Step and Slide Bil Jee vs Step + Pause + Bil Je...

  • ABC - HLH (High-Low-High)

    Bil Jee to Now Tek Mechanics - Pull the Hinge, retract and whip, 1 and count
    Encroach the Fighting Measure - Don't be too far, or too close
    1. Bil Jee(H) - Now Tek(L) - Gua Choi (H) or Bil Jee(H)
    2. Bil Jee(H) - Gua Choi(L) - Gua Choi(H) or Bil Jee(H)
    MODIFIERS - Use BTAA, Set and Break Rhyth...