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MMA Uncaged

MMA Uncaged

5 Episodes

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MMA Uncaged
  • Will Figgins - Principles and Theory

    Episode 1

    In this volume, you will learn the basic principles and combat theories of Jeet Kune Do, how they can be incorporated into MMA, and the underlying how and why of each. Hitting principles, range awareness, grappling, single direct attack, and hand immobilization are just a few of the things you wi...

  • Will Figgins - Foundation and Footwork

    Episode 2

    Successfully learn all the basic stance and footwork options available to a JKD practitioner including long range structure, long range interceptions, close range structure, close range defense, and closing the gap. Figgins teaches how to focus on balance in mobility, footwork drills and ways to ...

  • Will Figgins - Tools and Techniques

    Episode 3

    In this volume, Figgins will touch on most of the basic attacks and fighting principles of JKD that can be used in MMA. Targets of opportunity, proper execution, and structure such as lead hand jab, lead hand back fist, rear hand cross, and rear hand shovel hook are explained and demonstrated for...

  • Will Figgins - Bringing it all Together

    Episode 4

    Figgins shows you, step by step, how to bring all the principles, theories, fighting methodologies, and techniques together to create a dynamic blend of combat that covers all ranges, control the ranges, as well as negate your opponent in his preferred range. MMA|Striking

  • Will Figgins - Training with Equipment

    Episode 5

    Figgins will show some basic drills on common martial arts equipment that can be used to develop your skills in JKD for MMA. He covers various drills, such as glove drills jab exchange, ground and pound drills, and interception kicking drills, with a focus on simulating and isolating certain rang...