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  • Dave Kovar - Advanced Wavemaster Drills

    Are your advanced students getting tried of the same old drills on the Wavemaster? Use these advanced drills to kick it up a notch and increase your retention. Advanced | Bag Drills | Conditioning | Fitness

  • Jason Han - Front Kick

    Think about the front kick in terms of body mechanics to achieve full extension and maximum power in the kick.
    Kicking | Basics | Power

  • Jason Han - Fast Kick Drill with Band - Part 2

    Expand upon the previous drill by using both forward and backward motion to mimic the actual motions of a sparring match.
    The Juice Compound | Strength | Conditioning | Warm Up | Power | Exercise | Kicking | Fitness

  • Jason Han - Fast Kick Drill with Band - Part 1

    Use a workout band to help eliminate lag time when going for the "fast kick" or skipping round kick.
    The Juice Compound | Strength | Conditioning | Warm Up | Power | Exercise | Kicking | Fitness

  • Jason Han - Banded Drills Recap - Adding the Pop

    This drill reviews the banded drills that you should have already viewed. See how these drills are applied to the fast kick.
    The Juice Compound | Strength | Conditioning | Warm Up | Power | Exercise | Kicking | Fitness

  • Jason Han - The Stick Drill - Improving Power Position on a Single Leg

    This exercise will improve your power position on a single leg. This is a great warm up or conditioning workout for sparring classes.
    The Juice Compound | Conditioning | Warm Up | Speed | Exercise | Kicking | Power | Fitness

  • Antony Graf - Leverage Round Kick

    How can you develop more power in round kicks without any extra rotation? Learn how to use leverage to increase round kick power.
    The Juice Compound | Conditioning | Warm Up | Exercise | Strength | Power | Kicking | Bag Drill | Fitness

  • Jason Han - Improving Ax Kicks

    Hamstring flexibility is essential to having great range of motion on your axe kicks. Work on being able to cross over the midline when you kick.
    The Juice Compound | Conditioning | Warm Up | Exercise | Stretching | Flexibility | Mobility | Kicking | Fitness

  • Ernie Reyes Jr. - Defense to 10 Count Punch

    Learn the 10 blocks (5 on each side) that will defend against 10 different types of punches.
    Blocking | Defense | Self Defense | MMA

  • Ernie Reyes Jr. - 10 Count Punching Drill

    These 10 punches (5 on each side) are the foundation of MMA-style striking. Pair this drill with the 10 count blocking drill.
    Punching | Striking | MMA | Self Defense | Combo

  • Ernie Reyes Jr. - Shoe Shine Drill

    This drill expands upon the 10 count punching system, putting all the punches together into a continuous combo.
    Punching | Warm Up | Striking | Combo

  • Michael Kramp - Punch Splat Ladder - Adult

    Alternate between multiple punches and sprawls, adding two more punches every time your students stand up.
    Adults | Cardio | Punching | Sprawl | Warm Up

  • Michael Kramp - Punch Splat Ladder

    This drill uses a jab-cross combo with sprawls, increasing the number of repetitions all the way up and climb back down, just like a ladder.
    Warm Up | Striking | Sprawl

  • Michael Kramp - Peg Leg Ladder

    For this drill your students will hop on one foot down the agility ladder both forward and backward. The backward movement has several implications to sparring.
    Speed | Agility | Agility Ladder | Balance

  • Michael Kramp - Find Your Partner

    This drill works best with very large classes. The shield holders for the drill will mix themselves up so the striker has to locate them and react quickly.
    Speed | Power | Coordination | Reaction Time | Partner Drill | Self Defense

  • Michael Kramp - Pad Scramble

    Students will do an army crawl race to the pad, whoever gets there first will be the pad holder. You can assign any combination of strikes to this drill and work for any amount of time.
    Reaction | Speed | Power | Striking | Cardio

  • Michael Kramp - Up Shift Down Shift

    The students will run forwards and backwards in reference to a cone until they make it to the target holder. At the target holder, they execute two punches and two kicks.
    Speed | Exercise | Punching | Kicking | Kids

  • Michael Kramp - Fast Gun

    Students will jump over obstacles and strike in both directions to work on pivoting, rotational power, and speed.
    Cardio | Punching | Pivoting | Power | Speed

  • Michael Kramp - Focus Kicking With Hula Hoop

    Use bigger hula hoops for beginners and smaller hoops for advanced students to practice precise targeting with many kicking techniques.
    Kicking | Focus | Targeting

  • Michael Kramp - Furious Flurries

    Students will perform any technique the instructor calls out onto the bag, trying to execute them as quickly as possible.
    Bag Drills | Chambers | Speed

  • Michael Kramp - Grease Spot

    The drill begins as a regular round of light-contact sparring, but involves sprawls and jump front kicks to add cardio and work on the ability to recover from a fall.
    Sparring | Partner Drill | Teens | Sprawl

  • Michael Kramp - Kickstand

    This drill is great for the upper body and uses a bear crawl position to work on reaction time with the ground game.
    Warm Up | Grappling | Reaction Time

  • Michael Kramp - Kiss The Sky

    This jumping drill involves pop-front kicks over a kicking shield. It provides great cardio and helps students master jump kicks.
    Kicking | Teens | Front Kick | Cardio

  • Michael Kramp - Surfer Ninja

    Compare getting up from a sprawl to how a surfer stands up on the board to help students better understand that transition. This can be used with any combination of techniques.
    Cardio | Sprawl