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Mike Swain

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Mike Swain
  • Mike Swain - Balancing for Beginners

    Have one partner go to their knees, and have the standing partner move side to side, off balancing the partner on the ground. The next step is to simulate some trips while pulling them forward. Not only does this help with balancing, but also helps teach how to fall.
    Judo | Beginner | Basics | W...

  • Mike Swain - Push Pull Off Balancing Drill

    This drill works timing, footwork and posture. Create a boundary for your students. Begin at one end and designate one partner to pull. On the 3rd pull, the other partner works to time a push and take down or trip using the momentum from their partner.
    Warm Up | Basics | Judo | Partner Drill

  • Mike Swain - Using Off Balancing & Timing

    This resistance drill helps reinforce the push pull theory. Start off-center with your partner with a lapel and sleeve grip. As the partner squat and pulls the third time, take an offensive step forward and execute your throw.
    Judo | Olympics | Osoto Gari | Timing | Technique | Footwork| Partner...

  • Mike Swain Medicine Ball Training for Judo

    Mike Swain, Olympian and Olympic Coach with Eitan Gelber, Olympic Physical Trainer teach the fundamentals of Plyometrics and unique medicine ball exercises for the martial artist.

  • Mike Swain Judo Sweeps and Resistance Straps Exercises

    This program will bring a fresh perspective on how to maximize the use of this extremely versatile, but under utilized, piece of training equipment. It's a bag full of tricks and drills that will push your training to another level.

  • Mike Swain - Judo Skills - Balance and Agility

    Mike Swain walks through drill Judo drills for balance and agility.
    Judo | Grappling

  • Mike Swain - Judo Skills - Grappling

    Mike Swain show drills to help work on grappling for Judo.

  • Mike Swain - Judo Skills - Falling and Rolling

    Mike Swain explains the basic skill behind falling and rolling for Judo.
    Judo | Grappling

  • Mike Swain - Judo Skills - Throwing

    Mike Swain walks through several drills to help train throwing better for students.
    Judo | Grappling