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Learn to Fight and Win

Learn to Fight and Win

4 Seasons

Learn from past legends the techniques that have helped them win their most important fights.

MMA | Striking | Jiu Jitsu | BJJ | Grappling | Wrestling

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Learn to Fight and Win
  • Frank Shamrock - Power Striking

    Episode 1

    demonstrates the deadly combinations, proper punching and kicking techniques, torso turns and footwork you'll need to win fights. As dynamic a teacher as he is a fighter, Frank Shamrock will give you the tools you need to make your opponents tap out. In the second volume of Frank Shamrock's Learn...

  • Frank Shamrock - Avoid the Takedown

    Episode 2

    Avoid the Takedown will give you the knowledge and tools you need to stay on your feet. MMA|Grappling

  • Frank Shamrock - Escape from the Ground

    Episode 3

    Escape From the Ground covers the facets of ground game that you'll need to know in order to avoid unnecessarily submitting. Frank Shamrock will teach you the anatomy of an armbar, defensive positions, grabs and holds. Submission is a last resort. In this exciting DVD, Frank Shamrock will show yo...

  • Frank Shamrock - Instant Submissions

    Episode 4

    shares the secrets that Frank Shamrock learned through his storied career as what Black Belt deemed the most decorated athlete in the history of the UFC. He demonstrates maneuvers like the front choke, the standing shoulder lock, and armbars that will quickly force your opponent to tap out. In th...

  • Frank Shamrock - Clinch Fighting

    Episode 5

    gives you the tools to master the clinch game and win the fight. Are you ready to test your skills in the ring? In this exciting conclusion to Frank Shamrock's Learn to Fight and Win DVD collection, the legendary middleweight champion draws from his experience as a fighter to show you the best wa...

  • Frank Shamrock - Fight Clinic

    Episode 6

    Includes fight clips, commentary and training tips. MMA|Grappling