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Learn to Fight and Win

Learn to Fight and Win

4 Seasons

Learn from past legends the techniques that have helped them win their most important fights.

MMA | Striking | Jiu Jitsu | BJJ | Grappling | Wrestling

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Learn to Fight and Win
  • Dan Henderson - Controlling on Top

    Episode 1

    Passing the guard, standing up, cradle pass, side mount, under hooks and much more.

  • Dan Henderson - Working for Submissions

    Episode 2

    Avoiding the strikes, escaping the guard, striking from the guard, submissions from the guard and much more.

  • Dan Henderson - The Clinch

    Episode 3

    Closing the Gap Cross or kick off his jab, closing the distance from strikes, under hooks, hip position, snap downs, knee bumps and much more.

  • Dan Henderson - Take Downs

    Episode 4

    Double leg, changing levels, avoiding the front choke, set ups, jabs, arm drags, follow opponent's kick and much more.

  • Dan Henderson - Chokes and Head Control

    Episode 5

    Getting to the front head lock off the shoot, snap downs, side mount, controlling the head, front chokes with or without arm and more. MMA | BJJ | Jiu Jitsu | Grappling

  • Dan Henderson - Fight Clinic

    Episode 6

    Fight clips, commentary, interview and training tips.