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Karate Body

Karate Body

3 Episodes

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Karate Body
  • Whitney Hanchanko - Fitness Ball Workout

    Episode 1

    This workout begins with a Karate inspired cardio warm_up and stretch. Then Whitney works out your full body with lunges, squats, push_ups, ab rolls, back extensions, hamstring curls, glute bridge, and a high paced punch crunch.

  • Whitney Hanchanko - Medicine Ball Workout 

    Episode 2

    Whitney instructs on side to side lunges, squats, triceps extensions ab crunches, hip flexor crunches, and twisting crunches. She also includes circuit training exercises for both the standing and sitting workout.

  • Whitney Hanchanko -Wavemaster Workout 

    Episode 3

    Century Wavemaster Workout Work both your upper and lower body with this intense cardio video. Whitney also includes four combination workouts that will challenge your endurance and bring your workout to the next level