John Hackleman

John Hackleman

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John Hackleman
  • John Hackleman - Fake Low Go High

    The goal of this drill is to expose your opponent's chin so you can take them out with a strike. Faking low can drop your opponent's hands and open up opportunities at the chin.
    MMA | Strategy | Punching

  • John Hackleman - Drop and Pop

    It is very important to defend the hips, because if an opponent controls your hips they can control your whole body. This drill develops the muscle memory to keep the hips out of the way.
    MMA | Defense

  • John Hackleman - Foot Sweep Distortion

    The goal is to complete the sweep the instant your opponent takes a step. This is both a technique and a drill.
    MMA | Timing | Takedown

  • John Hackleman - Get Out of my Face

    If your opponent is crowding your face, you can use this elbow defense to create some space. Your opponent's power will be used against them.
    MMA | Bob | Elbow | Self Defense

  • John Hackleman - Ice Blitz

    Blitzing is used to move your opponent backwards and put you in a favorable position. If you aren't able to secure the takedown, disengage and switch to punching.
    MMA | Punching | Takedown

  • John Hackleman - Knock Down the Bag Roundhouse

    Build more power in your roundhouse kicks by simply trying to take down the Wavemaster. Work in groups and see who can take the bag down first.
    MMA | Kicking | Power | Bag Drill

  • John Hackleman - Left Hooks

    The secret to the left hook is simple, keep a tight fist! Use your whole body to generate power with the hip turn.
    MMA | Punching

  • John Hackleman - Leg Catch Kick Defense

    Want to make someone pay for trying to kick you? Protect yourself, then grab the leg for an effective takedown.
    MMA | Defense | Takedown

  • John Hackleman - Left Hook Power Drill

    Develop power in the left hook punch by striking a Wavemaster until it is pushed all the way to a focus pad at a designated location.
    Bag Drills | MMA | Punching | Power

  • John Hackleman - Leg Check Return Punch

    Do you hate taking leg kicks? Make your opponent pay for leg kicks by countering with a strong reverse punch.
    MMA | Counter Striking | Punching

  • John Hackleman - Leg Parry Defense Elbow Strike

    Use an upward elbow to combat a leg parry. This will provide an effective strike without letting your opponent take your back.
    MMA | Defense | Counter Striking | Elbow

  • John Hackleman - Left Hook Head Kick

    When the opponent is moving to the right, use a left hook to keep them moving that direction. Then use a strong right leg head kick to get the knockout.
    MMA | Combo | Kicking

  • John Hackleman - Preemptive Strike

    The whole concept of the preemptive strike is to hit the opponent before the opponent hits you. In a self defense situation, make it clear that you don't want to fight before engaging with the strike.
    MMA | Bob | Self Defense