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  • Michael Kramp - Chain Gang

    Balance and teamwork are two great skills that this game will develop. It works great both at the beginning or at the end of class.
    Games | Kids | Warm Up | Balance | Team Work

  • Michael Kramp - Houdini Escape

    This game works best for classes on Fridays or holidays that may have a smaller turnout than usual. Focus on having fun with this one!
    Kids | Games

  • Michael Kramp - Island Dodgeball

    The same rules of dodgeball apply to this variant that provides a fun way to end class or entertain students at parents' night out.
    Kids | Games

  • Michael Kramp - Kick Ball

    The focus of this game is to work on reaction time. Advanced students should focus more on technique.
    Kids | Games | Kicking | Blocking | Reaction

  • Michael Kramp - Noodle Thieves

    This game teaches controlled aggressiveness, speed, and upper body strength.
    Kids | Games | Coordination | Team Work | Speed | Self Control | Conditioning

  • Michael Kramp - Pontoon Noodle Bridge Racing

    This drill can be used both at the beginning or end of class as a warm up or a game. Develops focus, teamwork, coordination, and gives a bit of cardio too.
    Kids | Games | Kicking | Balance | Coordination | Team Work | Warm Up | Cardio | Conditioning | Teens

  • Michael Kramp - Road Chickens

    This game is perfect for parents' night out or for some extra fun at the end of class.
    Kids | Games | Team Work | Dodge Ball | Foot Work

  • Michael Kramp - Samurai Sweep

    This game makes classes fun and exciting while disguising a great cardio workout.
    Kids | Games | Speed | Conditioning | Agility | Reaction

  • Melody Shuman - Speed Ball

    This game is played just like hot potato. Students will have only 2 seconds to get rid of the ball and must avoid dropping it or making a bad throw.
    Games | Kids | Coordination