Full Force Fighting Secrets

Full Force Fighting Secrets

5 Episodes

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Full Force Fighting Secrets
  • Duane Ludwig - Basic Strikes

    Episode 1

    Basic Strikes Proper hand wrapping, basic punches, hooks/uppercuts, body attacks, applying strikes, body punches, basic hand combos, body combos

  • Duane Ludwig - Stretching, Basic Kicks, Knees

    Episode 2

  • Duane Ludwig - Advanced Hands

    Episode 3

    Advanced punching techniques, body counters, attacking the body, combo drills, attacking with numbers, tips & suggestions.

  • Duane Ludwig - Advanced Kicks

    Episode 4

    Evading & blocking front kicks, countering kicks, using front kicks to counter, checking blocks, countering hands with knees/clinching.

  • Duane Ludwig - Pad Drills

    Episode 5

    Fight training conditioning drills, countering, one for one drill, two for two drill, the holland drill, boxing/body counters drill, numbers, rhythm drill and wrap up