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Dave Kovar

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Dave Kovar
  • Dave Kovar - Knife Threats Part 3

    The third drill of this series focuses on the knife being held at the back. Remember that after evading and controlling the weapon, you should strike to make the disarm easier.
    Weapons | Self Defense | Knife | Takedown

  • Dave Kovar - Long Range Stick Work Part 4

    The final video of this series teaches how to defend against a low backhand strike. Use simple footwork and counter-striking to set up a disarm.
    Escrima | Weapons | Kali | Partner Drill

  • Dave Kovar - Long Range Stick Work Part 3

    This drill helps students develop footwork and counter striking at long range. You can add to the drill by adding more strikes or a disarm.
    Escrima | Long Range | Footwork | Weapons | Kali

  • Dave Kovar - Advanced Wavemaster Drills

    Are your advanced students getting tried of the same old drills on the Wavemaster? Use these advanced drills to kick it up a notch and increase your retention. Advanced | Bag Drills | Conditioning | Fitness

  • Dave Kovar - Wavemaster Workout

    Make the most out of your Wavemaster XXL with this intense workout that works multiple muscle groups and provides great cardio.

  • Dave Kovar - Bear Crawl

    The bear crawl is a classic drill in martial arts classes. However, many instructors forget that you can use this warm up in a variety of different directions.

    Warm Up | Fitness | Kids Drills

  • Dave Kovar - Animal Planet Drill - Rabbit

    These warm up drills, named after animals, use your own body weight and are intended to be used after your students have already warmed up a bit. This particular drill works the shoulders and lower body, known as the "Rabbit".

    Warm Up | Kids Drills | Fitness

  • Dave Kovar - Fun Stick Tricks - Soft Hands Number 3

    Use hand rolls to increase your awareness and control of your escrima. This trick can actually be put to use to avoid disarms and regain control of the weapon.

    Weapons | Escrima | Control | Kali | Tricks

  • Dave Kovar - Fun Stick Tricks - Soft Hands Number 1

    This drill will help your students obtain better control of their escrima. There are different levels to challenge your students as they improve.

    Weapons | Escrima | Kali | Control | Tricks

  • Dave Kovar - Animal Planet Drill - Monkey

    The second installment of Dave Kovar's Animal Planet drill series is designed to loosen up multiple muscle groups at the same time.

    Warm Up | Kids Drills | Mobility

  • Dave Kovar - Push Defense Terminator

    This Kenpo-based combination is another way to defend against the push. Defending against a push or shove is an essential part of self defense training.

    Self Defense | Kenpo | Combinations

  • Dave Kovar - Fun Stick Tricks - Soft Hands Number 2

    Use light tosses of the stick to gain better awareness of the weapon. Use both hands to work your peripheral vision and make this drill more difficult.

    Weapons | Escrima | Control | Kali | Tricks | Releases

  • Dave Kovar - Centering Drill

    This warm up drill is great for helping your students control their posture and balance. You can make this drill more difficult by having your students put their feet together or stand on one leg.

    Warm Up | Balance | Posture | Partner Drill

  • Dave Kovar - Push Defenses

    This Kenpo combination is very effective for defending against the basic push. A push or shove is a common start to any altercation and it is very valuable to know how to defend against them.

    Self Defense | Kenpo | American Kenpo

  • Dave Kovar - Standing Arm Wrestling

    This centering drill in which both students are trying to pull the other off balance. Be sure to practice on both sides and alternate between keeping the feet planted and using a single step.

    Partner Drill | Balance