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Champion Sparring Games for Kids

Champion Sparring Games for Kids

4 Episodes

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Champion Sparring Games for Kids
  • Nicole Bilgere - Games for Sparring Enthusiasm

    Episode 1

    Featuring sparring games for all ages developed to create excitement/enthusiasm and retention among sparring students. Introducing the all time favourite and most competitive checkers sparring game.

  • Nicole Bilgere - Games with Strategy

    Episode 2

    Provides fun and exciting games designed to create the concept of developing sparring strategies among sparring students.

  • Nicole Bilgere - Games with Brains

    Episode 3

    Exciting new concept of combining sparring along with exercises for the brain.

  • Nicole Bilgere - Sparring Games and Drills

    Episode 4

    Featuring games and drills developed to create excitement and retention among young beginners who have the ambition to be a great point sparring competitor. Includes beginner drills and warm ups