Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Series

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Series

4 Episodes

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Series
  • Cindy Omatsu - Basic

    Episode 1

    Cindy starts by teaching some basic warmup drills, shrimping, triangle hip raises, bridges, shoulder rolls and leg circles.

  • Cindy Omatsu - Beginning

    Episode 2

    Learn techniques such as front arm bar, American arm lock, basic choke from mount position, arm bar from guard, choke from guard, Kimura, guillotine and how to pass guard.

  • Cindy Omatsu - Intermediate

    Episode 3

    Cindy teaches Omaplata, triangle, open guard sweeps, standing up in guard, sweeps, guard pass to side control and drills for feet and hands.

  • Cindy Omatsu - Advanced

    Episode 4

    Learn some drills and techniques such as single leg takedown, side mount attacks, sweeps from guard, breaking arm bar grips, escapes from arm bar and more!