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Bo Staff

Bo Staff

Learn a variety of techniques and drills to take to your classes tonight. From beginner, to intermediate and advanced, we've got you covered with tips from the pros!

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Bo Staff
  • Li Jing - Three Section Staff

    Learn how to grab to play flowers, sweep, slaps with stances and self defense applications.

  • Jackson Rudolph - Add On Drill

    This game or drill is a great way to build a little rivalry and friendly competition within your school. The goal is to help students create and understand transitions from atypical and unpredictable scenarios.

    Games | Warm Up | Tricks | Transition | Kids | Bo Staff | Weapons | The Flow System

  • Jackson Rudolph - Arm Manipulation Stretching

    Upper body flexibility is very important for any weapons practitioner, not just bo staff specialists. These basic stretches should be used before and after every weapons training sessions.
    Stretching | Flexibility | The Flow System | Weapons | Bo Staff | Warm Up

  • Jackson Rudolph - Baseball Swing Drill

    The baseball swing bo staff technique follows specific steps with specific targeting, it is not just swinging the bo like a baseball bat. Use your hips to generate more power on this technique and strike directly from the chamber position.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Striking | Targeting | Basi...

  • Jackson Rudolph - Hand Roll Speed Drill

    This drill is great for beginners to develop better coordination and for advanced students to push their limits of speed. Make sure students have a good understanding of the hand roll before using this drill.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Spin | Tricks | Roll | Speed | Weapons

  • Jackson Rudolph - Horizontal Striking Combination Drill

    This combination is a cornerstone of creative and traditional bo staff training. Use these strikes as a drill to work on clean lines and proper targeting.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Striking | Speed | Power | Targeting | Basics | Weapons

  • Jackson Rudolph - Partner Spinning Speed Drill

    This drill develops a fun, competitive atmosphere in your weapons class. Students will be inspired by their classmates and push themselves to go faster.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Speed | Partner Drill | Spin | Tricks | Weapons

  • Jackson Rudolph - Seated Over Head Strike Drill

    This striking drill is perfect for making sure that your over the head strikes are staying on straight lines and hitting the proper targets.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Striking | Targeting | Basics | Weapons

  • Jackson Rudolph - Side Strengthening Drill

    Bo staff striking is unique because you are actually making contact with yourself as well as with the target. Drill strikes over and over in thirds position to develop a tolerance to this impact.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Strength | Striking | Targeting

  • Jackson Rudolph - Sweep Uppercut Drill

    The sweep-uppercut combination is one of the most difficult strikes to teach, especially in a class setting. Use this detailed breakdown as a guide to teaching this strike successfully in your classes.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Striking | Combo | Teaching

  • Jackson Rudolph - Timed Speed Drill

    As martial artists we always want to improve with every single training session. Timing the speed of strikes or tricks will push your students to new levels and make goal setting much easier.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Speed | Conditioning

  • Jackson Rudolph - Windmill

    This technique is an expansion of the figure 8 that is excellent for demonstration and competition. It can also be used as a drill to increase speed in your figure 8's.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Spin | Tricks | Speed

  • Jackson Rudolph - Wrist Rotation Stretch

    Wrist flexibility and mobility is necessary for high-level bo staff spins and manipulations. Use this stretch at the beginning of weapons class to get your students ready to roll!
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Stretching | Flexibility | Mobility | Warm Up

  • Jackson Rudolph - 2-Way Thrusting Drill

    This drill helps differentiate the forward and reverse thrust for beginner students. It also allows us to get high reps of these techniques.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Striking | Targeting | Chambers

  • Jackson Rudolph - 360 Spin Drill

    Spinning releases are integral variations in modern bo staff training. This drill will show your students all of the necessary steps to nail spinning releases.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Spin | Tricks | Release

  • Jackson Rudolph - Bo Staff Shoulder Stretch

    The beginner and advanced variants of this stretch are great for loosening up the large muscle groups in your upper back and shoulder before bo staff training.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Flexibility | Warm Up | Stretching

  • Jackson Rudolph - Behind the Back Catching Drill

    Want to learn how to catch your bo staff behind your back? Here are the necessary steps and a helpful drill for beginners trying to hone in this catch.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Tricks | Spin | Release

  • Jackson Rudolph - Shoulder Rotation Drill

    This drill can be used either as a warm up or to build up speed through conditioning. Shoulder mobility is very important for many tricks, so this drill will come in handy.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Tricks | Spin | Speed | Mobility

  • Jackson Rudolph - Wrist Manipulation Drill

    This simple drill is excellent for building speed and forearm strength. Don't overthink this one, keep it simple and build that speed up.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Speed | Spin | Strength

  • Jackson Rudolph - Bo Staff Burpees

    This is a fun drill to start off a weapons class that gets students focused while getting that heart rate up to perform at a high level. With more reps, this makes a good conditioning exercise as well.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Cardio | Exercise | Conditioning | Warm Up | Coordination

  • Jackson Rudolph - Body Roll Progression Drill

    This drill is predicated on unique terminology that applies to different levels of bo staff tricks. This will make it a bit easier for advanced students to understand the progression from one roll to the next.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Roll | Spin | Trick

  • Jackson Rudolph - Boxcutter Drill

    The boxcutter is an intermediate to advanced bo staff trick, but this drill can make it easier to understand the flicking motion that makes this release work.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Release | Tricks | Spin

  • Jackson Rudolph - Butterfly Spin Behind Back Drill

    Learn the butterfly spin bo staff trick. Once you have the technique down, the butterfly spin can be used as a drill to build speed and forearm strength.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Spin | Tricks | Speed

  • Jackson Rudolph - Catch & Release Drill

    This partner drill is a ton of fun and allows students to focus on individual parts of the release technique. After using it as a drill, you can turn it into a game with some friendly competition to see which team can catch the most releases.
    The Flow System | Bo Staff | Weapons | Release | Tric...