Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba as a synthesis of his martial studies, philosophy and religious beliefs.

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  • Guillermo Gomez - Introduction to Aikido Practice

    It is important to understand how to move and manipulate your body to train in Aikido. This video introduces the idea of making your body circular.

    Aikido | Beginner

  • Guillermo Gomez - Why Aikido

    Listen to an exclusive monologue from an Aikido master about why he fell in love with the art.

    Aikido | Movement | History

  • Guillermo Gomez - Aikido Exercise Ukemi

    The forward roll is an essential technique in Aikido. This technique helps students become fluid and relaxed to better absorb falling impact.

    Aikido | Falls

  • Guillermo Gomez - Aikido Tai Sabaki Footwork

    The basic Aikido footwork is focused on two motions. It is important to synchronize your breathing with the in and out motions.

    Aikido | Footwork | Beginner | Partner Drill

  • Guillermo Gomez - Aikido Advanced Ukemi

    This drill takes the forward roll to the next level by using a partner and redirecting their momentum into a roll. Focus on breathing as you complete the drill.

    Aikido | Falls

  • Guillermo Gomez - Aikido Basic Deflection

    Use this deflection to defend against a straight punch to the face. The goal is to use footwork and redirection of momentum to return to a neutral position.

    Aikido | Self Defense | Partner Drill

  • Guillermo Gomez - Aikido Advanced Tai Sabaki Footwork

    This drill takes the basic Aikido footwork to the next level and helps students improve posture and footwork. This drill is more complex and involves four steps that are all synchronized with breathing.

    Aikido | Advanced | Footwork | Partner Drill